Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board recognizes that the preparation of a calendar for the instructional program of the schools is necessary for orderly educational planning and for the efficient operation of the Corporation.

The Board shall determine annually the total number of days the schools will be in session for instructional purposes consistent with State guidelines and regulations and establish the school calendar. The calendar will be published and available to all patrons upon approval.

All days lost due to snow, fire, epidemics, health conditions, etc. cannot be counted as a part of the minimum days of instruction for State aid and must be made up unless a waiver is obtained from the State Department of Education.

The Superintendent shall submit to the State Department of Education the total number of actual instructional days.

The school calendar shall be recommended directly to the Board by the Calendar Committee for action no later than its April meeting. The Calendar Committee shall begin deliberations no later than the first of March each year for the calendar which will take effect seventeen (17) months later.

The Calendar Committee shall consist of the following:

 A.Six (6) patrons - Each high school principal appoints one (1) high school, one (1) middle school, and one (1) elementary school parent;

 B.One (1) Central Office administrator - appointed by the Board;

 C.One (1) building administrator - appointed by the Board;

 D.Two (2) Board members - appointed by the Board;

 E.Five (5) teachers –selected per Teacher’s Association proportionate share (preference for at least one teacher from each elementary, middle, and high school level).

I.C. 20-30-2-1, 20-18-2-17
511 IAC 6-2-1.1(j)

Revised 3/14/12
Revised 3/11/15

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