Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board duly appreciates public interest in and good will toward the schools as manifested through gifts, grants, and bequests.

In recognition of limited formal funding mechanisms, the Board and Corporation administrators, at both the Central Office and within the schools, will assume a proactive posture in the pursuit of gift opportunities.

While it is the Board's desire to have a high degree of equity with regard to programs, facilities, and opportunity among all the schools, inequities that may arise from donations will not be prohibited. Such donations may come from independent school support organizations or other donors. With unrestricted gifts, the Board and the Superintendent will actively pursue fair distribution of gifts throughout the Corporation.

All gifts, grants, or bequests must be approved by the Board.

All gifts, grants, or bequests to the Corporation shall:

 A.be for a purpose consistent with the mission, goals, and objectives of the Corporation;

 B.not obligate the Corporation to unreasonable financial support, staff workload, or recurring maintenance;

 C.not place any restrictions on Corporation programs or operations;

 D.be subject to the normal curriculum approval process (if the gift consists of curriculum materials);

 E.not be considered to imply an endorsement or require any commitments by the Corporation.

Upon approval, gifts, grants, and bequests shall become the property of the Corporation and will be subject to use by the Corporation as determined by the policies, collective bargaining agreements, and administrative guidelines applying to all properties, equipment, materials, and funds owned by the Corporation.

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