Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The following provisions affect all leaves unless specific language to the contrary is contained in the policy for a given leave:

 A.All requests for, and approval of, leaves of absence shall be in writing.

 B.All benefits to which a teaching employee was entitled at the time of his/her leave of absence commenced, including unused sick leave, shall be restored upon the employee's return, less any paid sick leave used by the employee while on leave.

 C.Teaching employees on a leave of absence during the second semester of the school year shall inform the Superintendent, in writing, of their intent to return on or before April 1st preceding the termination of the leave. Those leaves which terminate prior to the close of the school year shall require a thirty (30) day notice to the Superintendent, in writing, of the intent to return. Cases of emergency may be given special consideration.

It is recognized that, occasionally, there may be emergency or special circumstances requiring the absence of an employee from duty. The Board may consider and grant unpaid leave to an employee upon written request; however, the employee is expected to have exhausted all personal or other appropriate leave days contractually provided prior to requesting unpaid leave for an absence from duty.

Military Leave

An unpaid military leave of absence shall be granted to any teaching employee who shall be inducted or activated or who shall enlist for active military duty in any branch of the armed forces of the United States.

Application for leave, when enlisting, shall be made on or before May 1st of the preceding school year.

Indiana National Guard Leave

A leave or absence, in addition to regular vacation period, without loss of time or pay for consecutive or nonconsecutive periods not to exceed fifteen (15) days in any calendar year, shall be granted to any employee who is:

 A.a member of the Indiana National Guard on training duties of the State or Indiana under order of the Governor; or

 B.a member of any reserve component under the order of the reserve component authority.

Public Service Leave

An unpaid leave of absence may be granted to permanent teachers to serve in public office. Such leave may be granted annually and be renewed annually for the length of the term of office.

Application shall be made on or before May 15th of the preceding year.

Personal Court Appearances

An employee appearing in court other than for jury duty and matters relating to defending the School Corporation in actions brought against it, even though by subpoena, shall not be eligible to receive pay. Teachers may use available personal leave for this purpose.

Court leave with pay shall be granted to teachers for the time necessary to make appearance(s) in any court proceeding resulting from activities relating to the teacher's employment with the School Corporation, except when the teacher is a plaintiff, or in court proceedings to enforce Public Law 217, Acts of 1973, or other litigation by and between the School Corporation the Tippecanoe Education Association unless the teacher is called by the School Corporation as its witness.

Inability to Report to Work

Teachers who are not able to report for work because of weather conditions shall have their pay reduced for the amount of work missed unless personal leave is utilized. This policy prevails when schools are in operation and some teachers find it impossible to travel from their homes to their school.

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