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For purposes of this policy, "curricular materials" means systematically organized materials designed to provide a specific level of instruction in a subject matter category, including:


 B.hardware that will be consumed, accessed, or used by a single student during a semester or school year;

 C.computer software; and

 D.digital content.

Curricular materials used as part of the educational program of the Corporation shall be approved by the Board, and the Board shall make approved curricular materials available for rental or purchase by each student enrolled in a public school located in the attendance area served by the Board if that school is in compliance with the minimum certification standards established by the State Board of Education.

The annual rental rate for curricular materials shall not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the retail price of the curricular materials. The Board may charge a student the cost of the student’s use of disposable materials, software copyright licenses, and hardware to utilize software provided. If a software site license is not charged on a per student per school year basis, the Board shall approve a sum to be paid by each student that divides the cost of the license between all students expected to use the licensed software. If hardware such as a laptop computer or a tablet is required to access the curricular materials approved by the Board, the Board shall approve a sum to be paid by each student expected to use the hardware.

The Board shall prescribe reasonable rules and regulations for the care, custody, and return of curricular materials and hardware.

If a student or his/her parents have purchased textbooks and/or electronic textbooks and move from the Corporation, the Corporation shall, pursuant to I.C. 20-26-12-26, evaluate the student’s curricular materials and offer to purchase the curricular materials at a reasonable price for resale to any family that moves into the Corporation during the school term.

The curricular materials approved by the Board shall include a research based core reading program.

In considering the approval of any proposed curricular material, the Board will weigh its decision based on recommendations related to:

 A.suitability for the maturity level and educational accomplishment of the students who will be using the book;

 B.freedom from bias;

 C.relationship to the curriculum adopted by the Board;

 D.relationship to a continuous multigrade program;

 E.impact on community standards;

 F.manner of selection;


 H.appearance and durability.

Supplementary materials required by a special education student’s Individualized Education Program shall be provided without additional charge. The supplemental materials provided to students receiving special education services shall be in a format that allows the student to utilize the materials. When necessary for a special education student to benefit from curricular materials, the materials shall be provided in NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) format and shall be certified by NIMAC (National Instructional Materials Access Center), or the publisher of the materials may authorize the Board to reproduce the curricular materials in a format such as large type or audio that allows the special education student to benefit from the materials.

Textbooks determined to be obsolete shall be disposed of in accordance with Board Policy 7310 - Disposition of Surplus Property and administrative guidelines 7310.

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