Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The Tippecanoe School Corporation shall participate in a total joint services project with the Lafayette School Corporation and the West Lafayette School Corporation to provide all necessary services for students requiring special education. The Board agrees to support this program by providing a fair share of financial support.

The Lafayette School Corporation shall serve as the administrative and legal unit of government for this project.

In assuring that the necessary services are developed and maintained, a member of the Board and an administrator shall serve on the Advisory Council for the cooperative program. The Board member shall attempt to keep the entire Board informed of the activities of the Advisory Council.

The Board and administrative representatives to the Greater Lafayette Area Special Service (GLASS) Board shall periodically report to the Board regarding the administrative aspects of the program.

In compliance with Federal law pertaining to notifying a parent/guardian of his/her rights, the Education for the Handicapped Act, 34 CFR part 300.561; the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 34 CFR Part 99; the Education Department General Administrative Regulations, 34 CFR Part 76; and the Indiana Administrative Code 511 IAC 7-1-2 as well as other related requirements, the Notice of Parent's Rights shall be utilized in the Tippecanoe School Corporation.

The Notice of Parent's Rights will be given to parents upon request or when their child is:

 A.referred for evaluation;

 B.recommended by the Case Conference Committee for a special education program;

 C.recommended by the Case Review Committee for any alternative other than continuing in the student's present program.

Students who are sixteen (16) years of age or over and who cannot attend school or adult classes because of physical and/or emotional problems may seek aid through the GLASS program. Students under the age of sixteen (16) who cannot attend school because of physical and/or emotional problems shall be required to enroll in the GLASS program unless the attending physician recommends against any type of instructional program.

Handicapped students who have reached the age of nineteen (19) before the beginning of a new school year are eligible for consideration for continuing special education through the age of twenty-one (21). Eligible handicapped students are those who are currently enrolled in a special education program sponsored by Greater Lafayette Area Special Services. The Case Conference Committee will convene and report its decision in accordance with Article 7, Special Education Rules.

All students identified as handicapped students under Article 7 are eligible for consideration of extended year services. Services include special education instruction, regular education instruction, and related services. Special consideration will be given to students who will be unable to maintain critical IEP objectives. The students Case Conference Committee will make the decision. The Superintendent shall implement administrative guidelines consistent with Federal and State requirements.

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