Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


Extra-curricular and other activities (not directly related to courses of study) may be conducted on or off school premises by clubs, associations, and organizations of students sponsored by the Corporation and directed by a staff advisor.

 A.Student Organizations:

  1.All student organizations and activities shall be approved by proper school authorities.

  2.All student organizations and activity meetings shall be supervised by appropriate school employees or other supervisors approved by school authorities.

  3.Professional staff members may be employed as advisors by means of a supplemental contract based on the recommendation of the Superintendent and approval of the Board.

 B.Extra-curricular Activities:
  Extra-curricular activities must comply with the basic tenets of the Corporation philosophy and the needs and interests of students. All extra-curricular activities should develop desirable traits such as leadership, sportsmanship, tolerance, good health habits, cooperation, and citizenship. Attempts shall be made to provide resources for a variety of extra-curricular activities.
  It shall be the principal's, or his/her designee's, responsibility to notify parents of a student's ineligibility to participate and to provide reasons for the ineligibility.

  1.Extra-curricular eligibility standards for grades 1-6:

   a.Written parent/guardian permission to participate attesting that the student is in satisfactory health to participate, shall be on file in the principal's office prior to participation.

   b.The right to declare any student ineligible to participate for disorderly or unregulated behavior is vested in the school principal.

  2.Extra-curricular eligibility standards for grades 7-12:

   a.A middle school student who fails a subject in one (1) grading period may not participate until such time that s/he is passing in all subjects.

   b.All student athletes must have a completed ISHAA physical examination form on file in the school office prior to participation in any form of extra-curricular sport activity.

   c.The right to declare any student ineligible to participate for disorderly or unregulated behavior is vested in the school principal.

   d.All athletic programs in grades nine 9-12 shall comply with the rules and regulations of the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

 C.Corporation-Sanctioned Activities:
  The Corporation may, from time to time, sanction certain activities which are not part of the regular extra-curricular program of the Corporation but which can benefit those students who wish to participate. In this context, the Board may allow non-Corporation-sponsored student clubs and activities initiated by parents or other members of the community during non-instructional time in accordance with Policy 7510.
  In sanctioning an activity, the Board approves of the concept but shall not:

  1.Assume any responsibility for its planning, conduct, or evaluation;

  2.Provide any funds or other resources;

  3.Allow any member of the Corporation's staff to assist in the planning, conduct, or evaluation of the activity during the hours s/he is functioning as a member of the staff.

No organization may use the name of the Corporation or any other name which would associate the activity with the Corporation without the consent of the Board. Requests for such consent must be submitted to the Superintendent and receive his/her recommendation prior to consideration by the Board.