Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


Administrative personnel shall be entitled to:

 A.A specific and complete written description of the professional duties and responsibilities expected.

 B.A full and impartial evaluation of professional performance on a regular and continuing basis.

 C.Constructive counseling on a regular and continuing basis to upgrade performance.

 D.Participate in an administrative staff "in-service" training program to improve professional performance in the present position and establish qualifications for increased responsibilities in the future.

 E.Written reasons for discipline when dismissal, demotion, or probation is proposed.

 F.Probationary status generally preceding demotion or dismissal.

 G.A fair and private hearing before the Board prior to dismissal, demotion, or non-renewal of contract.

 H.Participate in administrative policy making, consistent with administrative position and unique experience and expertise.

 I.Be accorded with respect and dignity.