Tippecanoe School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The Superintendent shall be the Executive Officer of the Board and shall have direct responsibility for implementation and supervision of the policies, directives, functions, and activities of the Board relative to applicable statutes, Board policies, and directives or resolutions of the Board. S/He shall report to the Board on all matters relating to instruction, personnel, financial affairs, and physical facilities of the Corporation. As Executive Officer s/he:

  Supervises and administers the educational program, including a continuous study of the curriculum in order to establish priorities of students' educational needs and promotes instructional programs to meet them.

 B.Student Welfare

  1.Aids in the development of appropriate attitudes toward discipline that will lead to responsible self-direction on the part of the students.

  2.Places general student welfare first in all matters.


  1.Reviews and recommends contractual personnel to the Board.

  2.Supervises the assignment of all personnel employed by the Board.

  3.Delegates authority and duties and supervises those entrusted with such authority.

  4.Maintains, subject to the approval of the Board, a table of organization for the staff that will clearly define qualifications, responsibilities, powers, and duties of each staff member.

  5.Reports to the Board in March of each year on those teachers going on tenure or permanent status, along with recommendations pertaining to continuance of contracts or dismissals for all teaching personnel.

  6.Makes a careful evaluation of all administrative personnel annually in order to achieve a successful education program and effective plant operation and transportation system.

  7.Provides for implementation of evaluation procedures of certified and non-certified personnel that will reflect employees' competencies and encourages their cooperation and understanding in improving their effectiveness.

  8.Maintains and manages an administrative team organization.

  9.Participates in professional activities and encourages various employees to engage in self-improvement programs that expose them to new developments in their fields.

  Causes to be prepared a carefully planned annual budget for the expenditures of school funds in accordance with the provisions of the budget, the laws of the State of Indiana, and the objectives of the Tippecanoe School Corporation.

 E.Physical Facilities

  1.Makes recommendations to the Board for adequate space, personnel, instructional supplies and equipment for the educational program.

  2.Makes regular visits to schools in order to be well acquainted with personnel and physical facilities.


  1.Recommends new policies to the Board or revision of old policies to govern changing conditions.

  2.Develops appropriate rules and regulations to facilitate policy implementation.

  3.Investigates and responds to inquiries regarding attendance districts and residency requirements.

  4.Considers and makes recommendations upon all transfer tuition requests and requests for exemptions to attendance and transportation boundaries.

 G.Public Relations

  1.Is available to meet with parent, teacher, and student organizations and community groups interested in education.

  2.Works toward developing and maintaining a good relationship with the news media.

  3.Works toward partnering and developing relationships with other entities in the community.

  4.Is an advocate for public education in the community, legislature and in professional organizations.

  5.Coordinates the Corporation "Emergency Preparedness Plan".

  6.Serves as Corporation spokesperson and contact during emergency or other crises situations.

  7.Posts school delays and cancellations to the TSC website.

  8.Coordinates Legislative Task Force.

  9.Serves as editor-in-chief of the Corporation "Newsletter".


  1.Provides the Board with the agenda, recommendations for Board action, and supporting information in advance of Board meetings.

  2.Keeps the Board informed of Corporation developments and administrative decisions.

  3.Attends all meetings of the Board unless excused by same.

  4.Formulates and executes a public relations program that effectively communicates school needs and programs to the community, employees and the Board.

  5.Keeps the Board informed concerning school building needs and recommends procedures designed to meet theses needs.

  6.Performs such other duties as requested by the Board of School Trustees.

The Superintendent shall have the authority, subject to approval of the Board to appoint, discharge, suspend, prefer charges against, and grant or require leaves of absence for all employees of the Corporation in accordance with all applicable provisions of the law.

In addition, to the specific powers and duties delegated by law and these policies, the Superintendent shall execute and carry into effect, agreeable to the provisions of the law and these policies and the applicable orders of the Board, those functions necessary or appropriate in the conduct and administration of the Corporation's schools; subject to the express approval of the Board, the Superintendent shall formulate, execute, administer, and enforce regulations suitable to that end.

Revised 10/9/13