Tippecanoe School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

5111Eligibility of Resident/Non-Resident Students
5113Postgraduate Students
5330Use of Medications
5350Suicide Intervention Process
5410Promotion, Placement, Retention
5422Final Examinations
5511Dress and Grooming
5515Student Use of Motor Vehicles
5530Drug Prevention, Education and Detection
5530.01Student Assistance Program
5530.02Drug Education and Testing Policy for Athletes and Cheerleaders
5530.03Drug Education and Testing Policy for Student Drivers
5530.04Individualized Suspicion Testing for TSC Middle School and High School Students
5600Rights, Rules and Responsibilities for Students in TSC Schools
5610Suspension and Expulsion of Students
5610.02In-School Suspension and Saturday School
5611Due Process Rights