Superior School District
Bylaws & Policies


It is the School District's policy to insure that the District's computer, network, and data systems are secure, compatible, and available and that software copyrights are respected. The District understands that a wide range of interrelated technologies, services, and agreements are critical to effective modern education. Due to the rapidly increasing importance, complexity, integration, and size of computer based systems the Board of Education must insure District information technology is compatible, secure, and that the needed technology complies with applicable laws and regulations. The Board also requires that overall total cost of ownership be an important consideration for technology acquisitions and disposals to efficiently and cost effectively meet the District's educational mission.

All computer based equipment, servers, network hardware, and software installed on District computers or servers and software licensed by the District as an internet available service are all covered by this policy. The District will adhere to the terms of all licenses and agreements to which the District is a party. The Director of Information Technology is charged with the responsibility for enforcing this policy and regulation. To insure policy compliance, employees who need to purchase computer hardware, network equipment, software, internet services, related service agreements, and licenses will seek the approval of the Director of Information Technology to insure purchases meet the District's hardware and software safety and compatibility standards. As with all other purchases, employees may also need approvals from other administrators as necessary to also insure functional applicability and budget responsibility.

All software users will comply with this policy and with all applicable laws and regulations. Users of District technology may not duplicate licensed software or related documentation for use on either District premises or elsewhere unless the District is expressly authorized to do so by agreement with the licenser and it is approved by the Director of Information Technology. Unauthorized duplication of software may subject users and/or the District to both civil and criminal penalties under the United States Copyright Act.

The District Administrator is directed to establish administrative guidelines for the proper acquisition and disposal of hardware and software to ensure that the District's information technology systems are compatible, secure, and available and the District is in compliance with the United States Copyright Act.

17 U.S.C. et seq.

Adopted 7/15/02
Revised 7/13/10