Superior School District
Bylaws & Policies

2110 -


We believe that: is a continuing life-long process that must fulfill the needs of this rapidly changing society;

 B.the aim of formal education is to be concerned with all children in developing sound minds and personalities within sound bodies, and to inspire and encourage understanding of the essential principles of socially acceptable behavior and moral integrity, of the health, and of economic and civic responsibility; is the responsibility of the schools to instruct effectively so that the students will acquire knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the fine and practical arts, the humanities, and the natural, physical, and social sciences;

 D.the educational program should be adjusted to the needs of the student; it should be conducted in a democratic manner with ample opportunity for students to practice democratic procedures, to embrace responsibilities, and to learn the basic skills, along with positive values so important for securing insights into the world of work;

 E.the home and the community should aid in providing an environment that is keyed to good mental health that will assist the schools in meeting their responsibilities.