Superior School District
Bylaws & Policies



Provide all children with the relevant tools to develop a foundation for living, learning and working successfully.


The School District of Superior is a learning community characterized by a responsive, child-centered philosophy that respects diversity and supports high expectations for the learning of all in a safe sustainable environment.

Goal 1

All members of the learning community will develop learning environments that are inclusive, accepting of differences, non-judgmental, encouraging and nurturing.

 A.the learning community includes students, staff, parents, Board and school partners;

 B.acknowledge and accommodate diverse needs of the learning community;

 C.create and sustain an environment that is accepting of differences;

 D.create and sustain an environment that encourages and nurtures growth in all members of the learning community.

Goal 2

All members of the learning community will base decisions on the individual and developmental needs of all children.

 A.planning and decisions will be based on research;

 B.there will be continuous measurement of individual and group growth;

 C.there will be clear communications surrounding child's needs;

 D.decisions will be child-driven;

 E.there will be an appropriate educational plan for each child.

Goal 3

All members of the learning community will be responsible and accountable for creating and maintaining high expectations for learning, teaching and working.

 A.assessment and evaluation will measure proficiency of learning, teaching and working;

 B.a belief that all students are capable of achieving academic standards and community values;

 C.high expectations include clear communication about expectations and results;

 D.information will be readily shared and easily accessed by all;

 E.actively seek information and use information to direct work and learning; feedback through self-assessment and use the feedback to continuously improve.

Goal 4

All members of the learning community will develop and maintain a healthy, physical, emotional, and sustainable environment.

 A.focus on proper nutrition for all children;

 B.buildings and grounds clean and well-maintained;

 C.sense of belonging for all community; proper health care for all community members;

 E.ownership - these are "our" children;

 F.positive behaviors modeled by all;

 G.respect for self, others and property; crisis planning;

 I.maintain a safe environment;

 J.incorporate sustainable practices in all our activities.

Revised 8/14/00
Revised 8/11/09