Superior School District
Bylaws & Policies
Table of Contents

1100District Organization
1110Assessment of District Goals
1111Creating a Position
1112Board-Staff Communications
1120Organizational Chart
1130Conflict of Interest - Private Practice
1210Board - Superintendent Relationship
1213Student Supervision and Welfare
1215Use of Tobacco by Administrative/Supervisor Staff
1216Staff Dress and Grooming
1220Employment of the District Administrator
1230Responsibilities of the Superintendent
1230.01Development of Administrative Guidelines
1231Outside Activities of Staff
1231.01Staff Publishing
1240Evaluation of the Superintendent
1241Non-Reemployment of the Superintendent
1242Professional Growth Requirements
1260Incapacity of the Superintendent
1400Job Descriptions
1410Staff Ethics
1422Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
1422.01Drug Free Workplace
1430Assignment and Transfer
1430.01Family & Medical Leave of Absence ("FMLA")
1431Reduction in Staff
1439Staff Discipline
1461Fitness for Duty
1470.01Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
1520Employment of Administrative/Supervisor Staff
1530Staff Evaluation
1540Termination and Resignation
1640Grievance Procedure
1662Employee Anti-Harassment
1662.01Threatening Behavior Towards Staff Members