Stryker Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


Kindergarten Registration

The following guidelines shall be followed for the registration of all kindergarten students.

 A.Children must be five (5) years old on or before August 1st or be admitted pursuant to the District's early entrance criteria.

 B.Children must be registered by their parent(s) or guardian(s). Guardians must present proper certification of legal guardianship and, when applicable, a parent is to provide a copy of any custody arrangements.
  If a birth certificate is not provided, the parent must complete Form 5111 F3 and submit with the specified documentary evidence. If custody has been established by the courts, a copy of the court order must be provided.
  Children who are placed in a foster home or residential facility (as defined in Policy 5112) will not be denied admission solely because they do not present a birth certificate, comparable certification, or other comparable document upon registration. Such protected children will be admitted under temporary enrollment for a period of up to ninety (90) days to present the required documentation. The protected children and/or their parents, guardians, or custodians will be so informed at the time of initial admission.

 C.Children transferring from another public or chartered nonpublic school kindergarten who do not meet the age requirements shall be admitted.

 D.All registrants shall receive a kindergarten screening as determined by the principal.

 E.Individual classroom assignments will be made by the building principal.

When a request for early entrance to kindergarten is received, the building principal will interview the parents and child and arrange for testing. The testing will assist the Superintendent by measuring the following areas:

 A.The child's fifth birthday must fall between August 2nd and September 30th of the year requested for early entrance.

 B.The child's total I.Q. should be at least 125 on a deviation scale as determined by standardized testing.

 C.The child should possess and demonstrate social and emotional characteristics that will permit conformity with the pattern of behavior commonly expected of children in kindergarten.

 D.Admission of the child is recommended by both the school psychologist and building principal.

Revised 11/19/12
Revised 3/21/16

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