Struthers City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education will permit the school buses owned or leased by this District to be used for purposes other than regularly-scheduled routes to and from school in accordance with law and rules of the State, provided such trips do not interfere with routine school transportation services.

The nonroutine use of buses shall be defined for purposes of this policy as those uses which are specified in A.C. 3301-83-16.

The costs of nonroutine transportation shall be reimbursed to the District in accordance with administrative guidelines.

Buses must be operated on nonroutine trips by the holder of a valid Ohio school bus driver's license who has been approved by the Board. Drivers shall be selected for nonroutine trips by the Supervisor of Transportation on the basis of their knowledge, skill, and experience in operating a bus in the area to be traveled as well as their familiarity with the vehicle selected for use.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines which should include provision for insurance coverage and the requirement that chaperones accompany each school bus trip involving school age passengers whose responsibility it will be to assist the staff member(s) in maintaining passenger control and in enforcing procedures for the safety of all passengers.

A.C. 3301-83-16

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