Struthers City School District
Bylaws & Policies


It is the policy of the Board of Education to provide transportation to students via Board owned and operated school vans, when the use of school buses is not reasonable. School vans shall only be used for the transportation of nine (9) or fewer passengers, not including the driver, in accordance with the original design and construction of the vehicle. Students shall not be transported in larger passenger vans (e.g., non-conforming extended van-type vehicles) carrying ten (10) passengers or more (particularly 12-15 passenger vans).

Similar to school buses, school vans shall be purchased, housed, and maintained by the Board for the transportation of resident students between their home areas and the schools of the District to which the students are assigned or to their nonpublic or community schools. However, such use shall generally be limited to preschool children, special needs children, children inaccessible to school buses, and students placed in alternative schools. School vans may also be used to transport students to and from field trips and/or other Board-approved school-related activities.

Students who are transported by school van are expected to conduct themselves in the same manner required of students transported by school bus and shall be subject to all applicable disciplinary rules.

All school van drivers employed by the Board shall complete the required Ohio School Van Driver training program prior to transporting students, meet all other qualification requirements, and comply with the Ohio Pupil Transportation and Safety Rules and applicable Board policies and guidelines relative to student transportation. No individual shall be employed as a school van driver if s/he has not received a certificate certifying that the driver is at least eighteen (18) years of age, of good moral character, and is qualified physically and otherwise for the position. Only authorized Board employees may operate and transport students via school van.

The Superintendent is responsible for developing and implementing the appropriate administrative guidelines for this policy.

R.C. 3327.10, 4511.01
A.C. 3301-83-19

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