Struthers City School District
Bylaws & Policies


To enhance school safety and in compliance with State law, the Board of Education will have an automated external defibrillator(s) (AED) placed in designated building(s) within the School District.

An AED is a medical device that interprets the cardiac rhythm of a person in cardiac arrest and, if appropriate, delivers an electrical shock to the heart intended to allow it to resume effective electrical activity.

The Superintendent is authorized to develop guidelines that govern AEDs, including the use of the AED, placement of the AED, and appropriate training in the use of the AED.

R.C. 2305.235, 3701.85, 3313.717, 3313.6021, 3313.6023
A.C. 3301-27-01

Revised 11/23/15
Revised 5/18/17

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