Struthers City School District
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The Board of Education is committed to providing a safe learning and work environment. Unfortunately, natural and man-made disasters do occur. Such emergencies are best met by preparedness and planning.

The Board directs that a system of emergency preparedness which shall ensure that:



the health and safety of students and staff are safeguarded



the time necessary for instructional purposes is not unduly diverted



minimum disruption to the educational program occurs



students are helped to learn self-reliance and trained to respond sensibly to emergency situations

All threats to the safety of District facilities shall be identified by appropriate personnel and responded to promptly in accordance with the plan for emergency preparedness.

The Board also directs that fire, tornado, and school safety drills be conducted during the school year in accordance with State law.

Fire drills or rapid dismissals shall be conducted six (6) times a school year at the times and frequency prescribed by the State Fire Marshal with the first fire drill being conducted within ten (10) days of the beginning of classes. However, no fire drills are required to be conducted in any month that a school safety drill is conducted. Tornado drills shall be conducted on a regular basis during the tornado season in the spring. Times and frequencies of drills must be varied.

School safety drills shall be conducted at least three (3) times during each school year. During the school safety drills, students must be instructed in the appropriate procedures to follow in situations where students must be secured in their building or rapidly evacuated in response to:



a threat to the school involving terrorism;



a person in possession of a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance on school property; and



other acts of violence.

At least one (1) safety drill shall include a scenario where pupils must be secured in the school building rather than rapidly evacuated.

School safety drills (including drills and theoretical drills) shall be conducted in conjunction with the Districtís emergency management plan.

The Principal must conduct at least one (1) drill or rapid dismissal or one (1) school safety drill during each month of the school year. A drill or rapid dismissal may be conducted during the same month as a school safety drill. All building occupants must participate in the drill.

Additionally, the Principal shall conduct a theoretical school safety drill at least once during the school year to provide instruction to school faculty and staff regarding procedures to be followed in such situations. The theoretical drill does not need to include student participation and may be conducted at the required annual employee school safety drill training session.

Each safety drill shall be conducted in conjunction with law enforcement officials.

Prior to conducting the annual school safety drills, each Principal shall:



provide advance written notice of each school safety drill (actual and theoretical) to the municipal or township police chief or other chief law enforcement officer (or in the absence of such officer, the county sheriff);


Such notice shall be provided no later than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the date the drill will be held, be sent by mail, facsimile, or electronic submission, and include the address of the school and the date and time the drill will be conducted.



provide follow-up written certification of the date and time the drill was conducted during the previous school year as well as the date and time each drill will be conducted during the current school year to the municipal or township police chief or other chief law enforcement officer (or in the absence of such officer, the county sheriff);


The certification must be submitted by mail facsimile or electronically by December 5th each calendar year.



hold annual training sessions for school employees regarding the procedures to follow during school safety drills.

Each Principal shall keep a written record of the date and time of each drill conducted.

Procedures shall be developed for the handling of all emergency evacuations.

R.C. 3737.73
A.C. 1301:7-7-01, 1301:7-7-04, 3301-5-01

Revised 11/23/15

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