Struthers City School District
Bylaws & Policies


A bioterrorist attack is the deliberate release of a biological agent used to cause illness and death in people. The Superintendent shall develop, in conjunction with local government and law enforcement officials, a Bioterrorism Response Plan ("BRP"). The BRP should include:

 A.a communication method for school schedule changes, busing changes, and school closure; educational bioterrorism prevention program for students and parents;

 C.a bioterrorism training and identification program for staff;

 D.provision for the business office to maintain continuity of operations during a bioterrorist attack;

 E.provision for distance-based learning for students (i.e., Internet instruction, community channel broadcast) to maintain continuity of education;

 F.policies and procedures for staff and student absences and extended leaves of absences due to a bioterrorist attack;

 G.policies and procedures for isolation and possible transportation of students and staff who become ill at school due to a bioterrorist attack;

 H.a plan of communication to students, parents, and staff regarding the status of a bioterrorist attack:

 I.a plan for operating the District with less staff due to a bioterrorist attack;

 J.a designee responsible for establishing timelines within the BRP and verifying that such timelines are met and implementation of the plan occurs; and

 K.other emergency procedures necessary for the District to deal with an attack of bioterrorism.

The BRP should be reviewed annually and updated as appropriate.

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