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The Board of Education recognizes that the preparation of a calendar for the instructional program of the schools is necessary for orderly educational planning and for the efficient operation of the District.

The Board shall determine annually the total number of days when the schools will be in session for instructional purposes. For purposes of receiving State-school aid, such days shall be no fewer than 182. Furthermore, the Board requires that an observance be scheduled each year on or about Veterans Day to convey the meaning and significance of that day to all students and staff.

Prior to September 1st of each year, the Board shall approve the contingency plan the Superintendent prepares for the makeup of at least five (5) school days. The plan shall be in accordance with the terms of Ohio law.

A school day may be waived if the closing is due to disease, epidemic, hazardous weather conditions, law enforcement emergencies, damage to a school building, utility failure, or inoperability of school buses or other equipment needed for school operations and the number of allowable calamity days has not been exceeded. Any school days lost in excess of the allowable number of calamity days shall be made up in accordance with the approved contingency plan and as provided in Ohio law.

The contingency plan may provide for making up some or all of the days a school is closed or evacuated by increasing the length of other school days in increments of one-half hour.

A regularly-scheduled school day that is reduced in length by no more than two (2) hours due to hazardous weather conditions may be counted as a full school day for the purpose of meeting the minimum number of school days.

A regularly-scheduled school day that is reduced in length due to a bomb threat, or any other report of an alleged or impending explosion may be made up in one-half (1/2) hour increments added to other school days.

Kindergarten students must be in school at least one and one-half (1 1/2) hours per day in order to meet the State's minimum standards.

The Superintendent is authorized to develop and implement a plan to require students to access and complete classroom lessons posted on the Districtís web portal or web site in order to make up a maximum of three (3) calamity days. The plan must include the written consent of the teachersí union, and address all of the requirements set forth in R.C. 3313.88. The plan may also include distribution of "blizzard bags," which are paper copies of the lessons posted online.

The school calendar and the number of days of student instruction shall be consistent with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements between the District and its employees.

R.C. 3313.602, 3313.48, 3313.62, 3313.63, 3317.01 (B), 3313.482, 3313.88

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Revised 5/18/17

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