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The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to effectively address employee misconduct and, where determined appropriate, to provide a measured disciplinary response consistent with due process. In addition, with respect to licensed professional staff members, matters of misconduct, including guilty pleas and/or conviction of certain crimes enumerated by law and/or conduct which is unbecoming to the teaching profession, will be reported by the Board to the Ohio Department of Education.


"Licensed professional staff member" refers to Board employees who hold an educator's license or certification with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) (including the Treasurer and Business Manager), educational assistants (aides with a permit and paraprofessionals with a license from ODE), individuals holding a one (1) year conditional teaching permit in the area of intervention specialist or seeking an alternative educator license, and those individuals who do not hold a valid educator's license but who are employed by the Board under a Pupil Activity Program Permit.

"Conduct unbecoming the teaching profession" is defined to mean:

 A.crimes or misconduct involving minors;

 B.crimes or misconduct involving school children;

 C.crimes or misconduct involving academic fraud;

 D.crimes or misconduct involving the school community;

 E.making, or causing to be made, any false or misleading statement or concealing a material fact in obtaining the issuance or renewal of any educator licensing documents;

 F.the violation of the terms and conditions of a consent agreement with the State Board of Education;

 G.a plea of guilty to or a finding of guilt or conviction upon any offense enumerated under R.C. 3319.39.

Reporting Professional Misconduct

The Board and/or Superintendent will file a report to the Ohio Department of Education, on forms provided for that purpose, matters of misconduct on the part of licensed professional staff members, under any of the following circumstances:

 A.When the Board obtains knowledge that a licensed professional staff member has pled guilty, has been found guilty, or has been convicted, of a crime specified in R.C. 3319.31(B)(2) or R.C. 3319.39(B)(1), including but not limited to any felony, any misdemeanor sex offense, any offense of violence, any theft offense and any drug abuse offense that is not a minor misdemeanor.

 B.When the Board has initiated termination or non-renewal proceedings against a professional staff member who is reasonably believed to have committed an act that is unbecoming to the teaching profession.

 C.When the professional staff member has resigned under threat of termination or non-renewal for any of the reasons set forth in paragraphs A and B above.

 D.When the professional staff member has resigned during the course of an investigation of alleged misconduct which is reasonably believed to be unbecoming to the teaching profession.

Investigation Reports Regarding Professional Misconduct

Reports of any investigation regarding whether or not a professional staff member has committed an act or offense for which the Superintendent or Board President is required to make a report to the Ohio Department of Education, as set forth above, shall be kept in the personnel file of the professional staff member. Should the Ohio Department of Education determine that the results of that investigation do not warrant initiating an action suspending, revoking, or otherwise limiting that professional staff member's license or permit, the report(s) of any investigation will be moved to a separate public file.

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A.C. 3301-73-21

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