Springfield Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


This guideline identifies the criteria relevant to the development of the District's Credit Flexibility Plan. The District Credit Flexibility Plan offers a variety of learning opportunities for students with a focus on performance, acknowledges students' differing learning styles, paces, and interests, and enables students to demonstrate creativity, explore academic and career interests, and practice critical thinking. Students may earn credits by:

 A.completing coursework;

 B.testing out of or demonstrating mastery of course content; and/or

 C.pursuing one (1) or more educational options in accordance with the District Credit Flexibility Plan.

The Plan, developed by the District's Design Team in accordance with Ohio's Core Curriculum initiative, provides that:

 A.any student is eligible to be considered for alternative ways to earn credit toward graduation, but students must meet the conditions prescribed in order to earn the credit;

 B.students who "test out" of coursework may use one (1) or more mechanisms from the State's pre-approved list, including various commercial assessments or performance-based means;
  Locally-developed assessments meeting the stated criteria of being developed in accordance with quality guidelines and/or through peer reviewed processes may be utilized.

 C.issuance of credit will be determined locally by:


  2.a multidisciplinary team;

  3.a professional panel from the community; or

  4.a State performance-based assessment.

 D.when educational options are utilized, the school and students will pre-identify and agree on the learning outcomes;

 E.provisions of the Plan shall be communicated to students and parents on an on-going basis (at least annually), using multiple communications strategies;
  Data concerning the methods and frequency of communication with students and families will be reported to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).

 F.performance data shall be collected and analyzed, including the number of students participating in the Plan, total credits earned, and the extent to which student participation reflects the demographic diversity of student enrollment;

 G.an appeals process shall be available in the event that a proposed credit alternative is denied by the school or District;

 H.credits earned under the Plan shall be reported on student transcripts in the same way that traditional coursework credit is reported;

 I.the Board will review the policy provisions and the District Credit Flexibility Plan regularly.

The following component of Ohio's Core Curriculum Initiative shall be included in the development, review, and implementation of the District's Credit Flexibility Plan:

 A.Demonstrated proficiency options shall be allowed on an on-going basis.

 B.Demonstrated proficiency options shall be allowed to count toward graduation course requirements as well as toward elective credit.

 C.The plan shall not cap nor limit the number of courses or credits that may be earned through approved options.

 D.The plan shall allow for simultaneous credit to be earned in academic and career-technical content more than one (1) academic content or course (department) area, and in secondary and postsecondary study.

 E.The plan shall allow for partial credit to be earned.

 F.Graded and pass/fail options should be allowed for demonstrated proficiency options. Graded options will count in GPA/class ranking.

 G.The plan shall determine credit equivalency for the Carnegie unit.

 H.The plan shall allow student access to on-line or virtual education, postsecondary options, or programs offered by another district approved by the Board. The Plan may allow for credit to be accepted from other districts and education providers (including on-line providers) in accordance with Ohio's Operating Standards.

 I.The plan shall provide for instances when students do not complete specified requirements for earning credit.

 J.The plan shall provide for student transfer between districts and early graduation.

 K.The plan shall provide for student eligibility in accordance with OHSAA bylaws (441, 448) for interscholastic athletics.

Approved 3/10