South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


Any students, staff, administrators or guests who are given the privilege of access to the District's network, who receive an e-mail account from the District, or who receive access to the Internet from the District agree to be bound by the District's Acceptable Use Policy which is incorporated here as if it were fully written out. It is each user's responsibility to read and abide by the most current version of the Acceptable Use Policy.

It is the Board's intent that such technology be used solely to advance the educational and administrative missions of the District. The Board does not intend to open a limited or public forum for expression. The Board retains absolute ownership of any and all systems, and therefore, users should have no expectation of privacy in the use of such systems.

As more fully described in the Acceptable Use Policy, the Board imposes on each and every user the responsibility to follow the highest standards of civility and respect for persons and property in their use of the system. Failure to follow this policy and the policies set forth in the Acceptable Use Policy shall be grounds for staff discipline up to and including termination, student discipline up to and including expulsion, and appropriate criminal charges.

By accepting the privilege of using District equipment, connectivity and Internet access, each user agrees to abide by these policies, waives any and all rights they may have to privacy in materials stored and/or communications made using the system, and acknowledges their personal responsibility for their conduct in exercising the privilege of use.

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CROSS REFERENCES: A.C. Nondiscrimination, ACA, ACAA

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Staff Handbook, Administrative Guidelines

Adopted 8/9/10