South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


In order to provide guidance in the construction and ongoing maintenance of the South-Western City Schools’ Intranet/Internet Web site, the following policies and procedures regarding Web pages have been established:

 A.District Web Site

  1.The South-Western City Schools may establish Intranet (internal) and Internet (external) Web sites. Material appropriate for placement on the District Web site includes: District information, school information, teacher or class information, and student projects. Personal, non-educationally related information will not be allowed on the District Web sites.

  2.The South-Western City Schools’ Superintendent will designate a District Webmaster. The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the official District Web site. The Webmaster will develop style and content guidelines for official District and school Web materials and develop procedures for the placement and removal of such material. All material originating from the authors, schools, and administrative departments must be approved through a process established by the Webmaster.

 B.Web Publishing Procedures

  1.All District Acceptable Use Policy provisions will govern material placed on the Web (Policy 7540.03).

  2.All District-approved Web pages representing a building, department or staff member of South-Western City Schools shall reside only on the District’s Web server unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent or designee.

 C.Web Sites

  1.Web sites created through the Network and/or linked to the District's Web site for teachers, schools, or departments must relate specifically to those educational activities or programs. The District reserves the right to require that material and/or links to other sites found to be contrary to the District's interests be altered or removed. Any Web pages created using the District's equipment or created as part of classroom or club assignment become the property of South-Western City Schools. With regard to this policy and the South-Western City School District, all Web pages hosted outside of the District network must prominently display the following disclaimer.
   "This is not an official Web site of the South-Western City School District. The South-Western City School District does not control and cannot guarantee the relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of the information on this Web site. Any views or opinions expressed herein are solely those of the creators of this Web site."

  2.Web pages shall not:

   a.Contain inappropriate comments, jokes or graphics, commercial or advertising material.

   b.Include defamatory, libelous, or obscene matter.

   c.Promote alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or other tobacco products or any illegal product, service or activity.

   d.Contain obscene, profane, vulgar, sexually explicit, defamatory, harassing or abusive language or be utilized to intimidate another person.

   e.Promote illegal discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age or ancestry.

   f.Contain a student's last name, e-mail address, mailing address, names of other family members, names of friends, phone number or other personally identifiable information in accordance with directory information and FERPA requirements. First names or first names and the first letter of the last name may be used where appropriate.

   g.Publish a student's work of art or a photograph or a video that identifies the student(s) if the student's parent/guardian (or the student if over the age of eighteen (18) has signed a media refusal form refusing authorization permitting publication.

   h.Contain copyrighted or trademarked material belonging to others unless written permission to display such material has been obtained from the owner. There will be no assumption that the publication of copyrighted material on a Web site is within the fair use exemption.

   i.Contain students’ e-mail addresses.

   j.Include statements or other items that support or oppose a candidate for public office, the investigation, prosecution, or recall of a public official, or passage of a tax levy or bond issue.

 D.Ownership and Retention

  1.All web pages on District servers or District-approved Internet resources are the property of the District and will remain with the South-Western City School District.

  2.The District reserves the right to delete or modify any links or Web pages that exist on District servers or District-approved Internet resources at any time and without notice.

  3.The District reserves the right to terminate serving any and/or all Web pages at any time.

R.C. 9.03
O.A.G. Opinion No. 2002-01

Adopted 1/11/99
Revised 9/11/06
Revised 8/9/10