South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education believes that Board-owned equipment is a valuable resource that may be loaned for community use under certain conditions only, provided that such use does not infringe on the original and necessary purpose of the equipment or interfere with the educational program of the District.

The Board may lend specific items of equipment on the written request of the user and approval granted by the Superintendent or designee.

The user of Board-owned equipment shall be fully liable for any damage or loss occurring to the equipment during the period of its use, and shall be responsible for its safe return. The use of Board-owned equipment off school property is subject to the same rules and conditions of use that are in effect when the equipment is used on school property.

District equipment may be removed from District property by students or staff members only when such equipment is necessary to accomplish tasks arising from their school or job responsibilities. The consent of the Superintendent or designee is required for such removal.

A Board employee may use Board-owned technology including cellular telephones, personal digital assistants ("pda's"), laptop computers, and other technology devices for school use off of school property. Technology devices owned by the Board may contain personally identifiable information about District students and/or staff. Federal and State laws prohibiting disclosure of such personally identifiable information apply to electronic records stored on technology devices. Board employees are advised to exercise caution when transferring personally identifiable information onto disks, flash drives, and other technology devices. A Board employee who loses or misuses student or staff personally identifiable information may be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Board.

Adopted 1/13/03
Revised 5/10/04
Revised 8/13/07