South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The South-Western City Board of Education authorizes the use of movable school property off school premises under the following conditions:

 A.Only solid, durable and easily replaced furniture with a value not to exceed $2,000 may be considered for loan.

 B.The organization requesting the loan of property must be a recognized group of people who have demonstrated that they are interested in the health and welfare of the civic betterment of the community.

 C.Permission must be secured from the Business Manager after a written request has been made through the principal. (Written request must accompany Form BUS-202)

 D.When permission is granted by the Business Manager for use of property, a charge not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the replacement value of said property shall be held in escrow until the property is returned and examined by the principal. If the principal determines that the property has been damaged, the Business Manager shall survey the damage and establish the amount necessary for replacing or returning the property to its original condition; his/her judgment shall be final.

 E.If the damage involves an amount greater than the amount held in escrow, the specified ten percent (10%) to be held in escrow in no way relieves the individual borrowing the property from the obligation of restriction, as outlined in the section above.

 F.The person who signs the request for use of movable property shall be held responsible and accountable for all such property.

 G.The Business Manager has the authority to establish the conditions for loan of movable property; i.e., time and method of pick-up, return, etc.

Use of Kitchen Equipment -- Use of major kitchen equipment (dishwashers, disposals, mixers, etc.) which could be damaged by persons who may not be familiar with operational procedures is subject to the supervision of a regular food service employee.

R.C. 3313.75 - .79, 3501.29
P.L. 98-377

Adopted 10/9/89