South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The objectives of safety instruction in the South-Western City School District will include the following:

 A.learning how to work and to exercise safety and how to prevent accidents;

 B.learning how to care for tools and equipment so as to reduce the possibility of accidents;

 C.developing habits of good housekeeping, proper storage and handling of materials and sanitation;

 D.becoming familiar with personal protection devices and the proper clothing to be worn for safety purposes;

 E.developing skills in the safe use of tools and equipment; and

 F.learning how to cooperate with others in the promotion and operation of a safety program in the school, on school vehicles and to and from school.

Instruction in courses in industrial arts, vocational education, science, homemaking, art, physical education, health and safety will include and emphasize safety and accident prevention.Safety instruction will precede the use of materials and equipment by students in applicable units of work in the courses listed above and instructors will teach and enforce all safety rules set up for the particular courses. These will include the wearing of protective eye devices in appropriate activities. Teachers will instruct students not to accept gifts or automobile rides from strangers. The students will also be instructed to tell the teachers, their parents, police or school patrols of any suspicious strangers. Buildings will be regularly inspected to detect and remedy health and safety hazards. The Superintendent is authorized and directed to develop appropriate means for the implementation of this policy.

Eye Protection

It shall be the policy of this Board that all students of the South-Western City School District who are participating in classes that might constitute a hazard to eyes, such as shops, chemistry laboratories, welding and other areas, wear a protective eye device that meets recognized standards. Any student who does not comply with the section and intent of this law shall be excluded from class until such a time that s/he does comply with this section.

The Board of Education will make available to the student such safety glasses that will meet the requirements established. If a student wishes to purchase his/her own glasses s/he may do so provided they meet current safety requirements.

CROSS REFS.: 5-0200 and subcodes, all relate to Safety Programs

10-0505, Student Attendance Accounting (Missing and Absent


R.C. 4167.01 et seq.

Adopted 10/8/90
Adopted 10/9/89