South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


It will be the policy of the South-Western City Board of Education to take precautions to provide for the safety of all students, employees, visitors and others present on District property or at school-sponsored events.

Principals and other designated administrators shall be responsible for the supervision of a safety program for their appropriate buildings. This will include the establishment of a risk management program.

The Superintendent will have overall responsibility for the safety program of the District. General areas of emphasis will include, but not be limited to: in-service training; accident record keeping; plant inspection; driver and vehicle safety programs; fire prevention; emergency procedures; and traffic safety problems relevant to students, employees and the community.

In conjunction with the District Safety Plan, the Superintendent/designee shall cooperate with the Board of Health in the conduct of the inspection of each school building and grounds for conditions dangerous to public health and safety. The Superintendent/designee shall provide access to school premises for the inspection(s) which shall be conducted during regular school hours. The Superintendent shall provide records or information the Board of Health considers necessary.

The Board shall review its policies periodically to provide for the safety of students, employees, and other persons using school facilities from any known health or safety hazards in a school building or on school grounds. The Board shall comply with Federal laws and regulations regarding health and safety applicable to school buildings.

The Superintendent/designee shall develop a plan for abatement of conditions that are determined to be hazardous to occupants as identified in the inspection report. The abatement plan shall be in written form and shall be submitted in the manner established by the Director of Health. The abatement plan shall include a schedule for completion of the abatement as prescribed.

Integrated Pest Management

The District Safety Program shall include an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) for the control of structural and landscape pests that minimizes the use of pesticides while addressing pest control.

The practice of safety will be a part of the instructional plan of the District schools through educational programs. The educational program will include instruction in traffic and pedestrian safety, driver education, fire prevention and emergency procedures appropriately geared to students at different grade levels.


8630, School Bus Safety Program


4160, Staff Health and Safety


2413, Health Education


7430, Student Safety

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A.C. 3301-35-03

Adopted 10/9/89
Revised 8/13/07
Revised 3/8/10