South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education has spent considerable money and time in planning site development for various schools. Recreation, physical education, athletic, and parking areas have been systematically laid out for drainage and efficient use of spaces. The Board of Education continues to be concerned that optimum use be made of all School District facilities. It is, therefore, the intent of the Board of Education to continue to follow through to completion the remaining development of landscaping recreation areas, physical education areas, athletic areas and parking and driveway areas.

The Board of Education appreciates, from individuals and community organizations, any and all assistance which follows the systematic plan established by the Board of Education. In order to guide and assist those who wish to help with site development, and to permit the Board of Education best to meet its responsibility, the following requirements are established.

Section 1. Conformity with site development plans. All areas of school sites shall at all times be developed, used, and maintained as shown on the original site plan developed by the architects employed by the Board of Education and/or as may be shown on any subsequent landscaping plan or amendment adopted by the Board of Education.

Section 2. All changes or improvements proposed to be made or constructed upon school property, either with contributed funds or with contributed materials, equipment, and labor, may be made only with prior approval from the Board of Education or an administrator designated by the Board of Education. This same requirement applies to improvements to be made with School District funds and School District personnel and equipment.

Section 3. Ohio Law mandates that all property given or donated to a school or schools and situation or stored on school property automatically becomes the property of the School District. It thereby becomes the responsibility of the Board of Education. A donating or school-affiliated organization wishing to transfer such property from one site to another must first obtain approval from the Board of Education or an administrator designated by the Board of Education.

Section 4. Generally, requests to transfer, construct, or plant improvements will be considered only if such requests include presentation of adequate plans and specifications according to which the proposed work is to be performed. If the proposed improvement involves aesthetics or structures affecting the well being and safety of persons utilizing the school site, the Board of Education or its designee may require the plans presented for final consideration to bear the stamp of approval of an engineer or an architect approved by the Board of Education.

Section 5. Provisions for pedestrian traffic. All such facilities shall either be approved by the Board of Education or provided by the Board of Education. Plans submitted for approval of the Board of Education or its designee must show layout, with dimensions and details. Such plans must also include specifications for the materials to be used and specifications for their use in the construction, including, but not being restricted to, the following:

 A.excavation for and preparation of sub-base;

 B.materials for and thickness of base;

 C.material for and thickness of walk;

 D.expansion joints;


 F.forming; conditions affecting construction; of designer of plans; of person responsible for directing construction.

Section 6. Protection of existing structures. As approved plans for development are carried out, utmost care shall be exercised to avoid damaging, or impending the function of, existing above-or-below-ground structures.

Section 7. Use of existing structures. Use of or incorporation with existing structures, which contributes positively to the over-all development plan, must be submitted for approval before any construction takes place.

Section 8. Utilities. All utilities shall be constructed according to plans approved by the Board of Education or an administrator designated by the Board of Education and bearing the stamp of approval of a registered engineer acceptable to the Board of Education. This includes but is not limited to water, sewer, electricity and gas or fuel oil.

Section 9. Commercial Advertising. Advertising, involving use of any brand, distributor's or manufacturer's name of any product available on or off the premises may not be carried out by means of permanent signs or public address upon school premises. Donor's names on electronics/electronic scoreboards and electronic message boards are permitted. Such advertising as may be permitted in programs or brochures, sold or distributed upon the premises, shall continue to be regulated by existing policy until such time as superseding policy shall be adopted. (Advertising of alcoholic beverages, smoking materials and illegal substances, and use of language or subject that are offensive, controversial or inflammatory is prohibited.)

Section 10. The Board of Education designates the Superintendent of Schools to screen all requests involving site development and advertising to determine whether an administrative judgment is adequate or if referral must be made to the Board of Education.

Adopted 10/9/89