South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


Gifts, grants or bequests will be accepted by the South-Western City Board of Education, provided the conditions of acceptance do not remove any portion of the control of the School District from the Board.

Any person or organization desiring to give a gift, or make a grant or bequest to the Board should contact the principal or the Superintendent. The Superintendent may submit the request to the Board.

Proposals for giving funds, equipment or materials to the school with a "matching" agreement or restriction are discouraged. Whenever the School District has an established project, contributions that would reduce the cost or would hasten the completion will be welcome. Acceptance of donated equipment or materials may depend upon the compliance with or experience related to the Board's policy of standardizing materials and equipment in the District.

R.C. 9.20, 9.26, 3313.36, 3313.37

Adopted 10/8/90