South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


Students' school responsibilities are to take precedence over nonschool-related jobs. If students need to work while attending school, they will be cautioned against assuming work commitments that will interfere with their studies and achievement in school. Opportunities for employment will be provided through work-experience programs and as noted below.

Release of Students to Work

Students who are sixteen (16) years old or older, may be excused from school after they have completed their regular classes and when there is a severe financial need in the home, stated in writing by the parents. Other proofs may be required by the principal to verify this need. Any exception to this will be made in writing to the principal by the requesting parents. After investigation of the case, the principal will then notify the Superintendent's designee of his/her recommendation for release or denial. After a review of the recommendation, the Superintendent's designee will notify the principal of the acceptance or rejection of his/her request.

Work Permits

In compliance with law, the Superintendent's designee will be responsible for processing requests for and issuing work permits as necessary. Employment must meet all legal requirements pertaining to jobs suitable for minors.

In-school Employment

Part-time and summer jobs may be open to students in keeping with their abilities and the needs of the school for student help. The Board also authorizes the District to provide cooperative work-experience programs.

As with all District employment, the South-Western City Board of Education will approve appointments and establish pay rates.

CROSS REF.: 9-0701.041, Work-Experience Opportunities

R.C. 3313.56, 3313.93, 3321.08 - 3321.11, 3331.01 - 3331.15
R.C. Chapter 4109, 4111.02
P.L. 99-603

Adopted 10/8/90