South-Western City School District
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The South-Western City School District has custody of the students during the school day and during school hours of approved co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The administration has developed District regulations to be followed in the case of interviews, questioning, and searches.

The right of inspection of a studentís person and articles and interviewing and questioning of an individual student is inherent in the authority granted school boards and administrators and should be exercised so as to assure parents that the school will employ every safeguard to protect the well-being of those children. Nevertheless, the exercise of that authority places unusual demands upon the judgment of school officials. Therefore, the authority to inspect and search is to be exercised when reasonable suspicion indicates that such inspection or search is likely to produce anticipated tangible results to aid in the educational process, preserve discipline and good order or promote the safety and security of persons and their property within the area of educational responsibility.

Student lockers are the property of the District, and since random searches have a positive impact on reducing drugs and other criminal activity, it is the policy of the Board to permit the building principal or designee to search any locker and its contents at any time. Random searches may take place at any time without regard to whether there is a reasonable suspicion that any locker or its contents contains evidence of a violation of a criminal statute or a school rule. This policy regarding locker searches will be posted in every building.

Interviewing, questioning, and searches of students by law enforcement agencies and other authorities outside the District are extremely disruptive to a student's educational process. Additionally, such interviewing, questioning, and searches may impact student and/or parental rights. Therefore, a determination whether to allow such interviewing, questioning, and searches will be made by school administrators on a case-by-case basis.

CROSS REF.: 5771.01, Interviewing, Questioning, and Search Procedures

R.C. 3313.20
U.S. Constitution, 4th Amendment

Adopted 10/8/90
Revised 11/20/95
Revised 8/8/05
Revised 6/12/06