South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


Educational opportunities are part of the value system of a free society and education in our increasingly complex and technological society is a pre-requisite for the opportunity to lead a full and productive life. Therefore, the Board affirms the right of a pregnant student to continue her participation in the public school program.

As soon as the pregnancy is medically confirmed, the South-Western City Board of Education recommends that the student consult with a member of the student personnel staff or the principal to plan her educational program.

With the staff member involved, the student may elect any of the following educational plans or suggest alternatives:

 A.She may remain in her present school program, with modifications as necessary, until the birth of her baby is imminent or until her physician states that continued participation would be detrimental to her health or that of the baby.

 B.Once it has been determined by the student's physician that the student is unable to attend school, home instruction will be available at school expense until her physician states that she is physically able to return to school.

 C.With Board approval she may temporarily withdraw from school and enroll in an approved educational program where she can continue her education.

Efforts will be made to see that the educational program of the student is disrupted as little as possible; that she receives health and counseling services, as well as instruction; that she is encouraged to return to school after delivery; and that she is given every opportunity to complete the school year.

R.C. 3321.01, 3321.04

Adopted 10/8/90