South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


Political Activities

No staff member of South-Western City School District shall require a student to support a specific political candidate or issue at any time. Staff members will be allowed to assign students political projects so long as the student retains the option of candidate and/or side of an issue.

Listed below are examples of activities that will be allowed and that will not be allowed.

Examples of Acceptable Activities

 A.Students may campaign for a candidate of their choice - outside of school time - as part of a class project for a grade.

 B.Students may work at Board of Elections for a particular election for class credit.

 C.Students may become involved in a particular club of their choice - outside of school time - and work on getting those candidates elected (Young Democrats, Young Republicans, etc.)

 D.Students may become involved with a political issue of their choice and work for or against it outside of school time.

 E.Students may participate in student model government, activities election, model United Nations, mock election and youth in government, etc., during school years.

 F.Staff members may encourage students to register to vote and exercise that right.

Examples of Unacceptable Activities

 A.Staff members requiring a student to campaign for a particular party, candidate or issue.

 B.Staff members requiring a student to contribute time or money to a particular party, candidate or issue.

 C.Staff members using school time for personal political activity.

 D.Anyone distributing political campaign material during school time unless it relates directly to a school issue and is informational in nature.

CROSS REF.: 7-0207, Staff Members Involvement in Political Activities

Adopted 10/8/90