South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


Good conduct is based on respect and consideration for the rights of others. Students will be expected to conduct themselves in such a way that the rights of others are not violated. The students of the South-Western City School District will conform with school regulations and accept directions from authorized school personnel.

A student who fails to comply with established school rules or with any reasonable request made by school personnel on school property and/or at school-related events will be dealt with according to approved student discipline regulations. Discipline of students is also authorized for student misconduct that occurs off school property when such misconduct is connected to activities or incidents that have occurred on school property and student misconduct, regardless of where it occurs, that is directed at a South-Western school official or employee, or the property of such official or employee.

The Board has "zero tolerance" for violent, disruptive or inappropriate behavior by its students; i.e., the Board will not tolerate violent, disruptive or inappropriate behavior by its students and such behavior is prohibited as set forth in the Student Code of Conduct. The Board also has "zero tolerance" for excessive truancy, and truancy from school or from study hall will result in disciplinary action as set forth in the Board’s Student Attendance Regulations.

Students will annually receive at the opening of school or upon entering during the school year, a copy of the Student Conduct Code, including the provisions and sanctions relating to the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. The students are subject to this Code of Conduct while in school or participating in any school sponsored activity or event. Compliance with the code and all provisions therein is mandatory. Parents will also be informed in writing of the conduct expected of students and provisions of the code.

CROSS REFS.: 5-0203, Emergency Plans

10-0504-R, Student Attendance

10-0603, Subcodes (all relate to conduct)

10-0603.03, Student Conduct on School Buses

10-0500, Student Discipline and Subcodes

R.C. 3313.20, 3313.534, 3313.66, 3313.661

Adopted 10/8/90
Revised 9/13/93
Revised 2/9/98
Revised 10/18/99