South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The South-Western City School District has established the following procedures to assure the safe and efficient operation of school buses in the District. Parents and students both must exercise the following responsibilities:


 A.Students should follow directions the first time they are given.

 B.Students are expected to observe classroom conduct at all times while on the bus.

 C.Students must leave and board the bus at the designated stop unless they have a note signed by the building principal stating otherwise. Such notes will be issued only in emergency situations.

 D.Students are not to cross the street to enter or exit the bus until the driver motions them across.

 E.Students must maintain absolute quiet at railroad crossings and other places of danger as specified by the driver.

 F.Students are not permitted to bring on the bus items larger than those that can be held on their lap. (animals, glass or liquids are not permitted)


 A.Parents are responsible for the safety and discipline of students while going to and from the bus stop.

 B.Parents are urged to have their children at the bus stop five (5) minutes ahead of time as buses operate on a time schedule. This schedule will not permit waiting for tardy students.

 C.Parents will be monetarily responsible for any damage done to a bus by their children.

 D.The school does not enter disputes involving parents and students prior to pickup or after return to the bus stop.

 E.Parents should not discuss bus problems with the driver while s/he is on the route. Parents should call the Transportation Department to communicate problems or concerns.


Proper conduct on a school bus is necessary to insure the safety of students and the driver. When a student does not display proper conduct on a bus, suspension and/or expulsion from the bus can be the result of the misbehavior. School personnel will make every effort to protect the rights of the student through the use of due process procedures when suspension or expulsion is used.

Discipline Code

 A.Bus Stops
  Improper behavior at bus stops, including physical aggressiveness and property destruction will not be tolerated.

  Students should go immediately to an assigned seat and stay seated until they reach their designated destination.

 C.Obscene Language/Gestures/Spitting
  These will not be tolerated.

  Heads, arms or legs must be kept inside the bus at all times; no objects are to be thrown on the bus.

  These are not permitted at any time.

 F.Tobacco/Alcohol/Harmful Drugs
  The possession of any tobacco product, alcohol or harmful drugs will not be permitted on buses.

  Eating and/or drinking on a bus is not permitted except as required for medical reasons.

  A student shall not cause or attempt to cause damage to a school bus.

Discipline Procedure

 A.First Violation
  The student is warned by the driver. The student's name is recorded by the driver.

 B.Second Violation
  A written record is made by the driver. The parent will be notified. A student may be assigned a designated seat near the driver.

 C.Third Violation
  The principal is notified in writing by the driver. The principal can hold a conference with the driver, student and/or parent. The principal can suspend the riding period for a designated period of time.
  Continued Violations - The third violation process is repeated.

Suspension From School

If an incident occurs on the bus which according to the Student Code of Conduct calls for suspension from school, the Student Code of Conduct will take precedence. The student will be suspended from school.

Suspension From Bus

A driver can request that a student be suspended from the bus for repeated minor misbehavior such as refusal to follow directions.

Suspension Sequence

 A.Suspension - three (3) days off the bus.

 B.Second Suspension - five (5) days off the bus.

 C.Third Suspension - ten (10) days off the bus.

 D.Fourth Suspension - suspension from the bus for the remainder of the semester.

 E.Severe Clause - a severe incident could result in immediate suspension from the bus.

Suspension Appeal

A parent/guardian of a student wishing to appeal a bus suspension may do so by contacting the building principal within twenty-four (24) hours.

Adopted 10/9/89