South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


Any student having successfully completed all requirements for graduation is eligible to participate in the graduation exercises conducted by the South-Western City School District. Students participating in the ceremony must meet the following requirements:

 A.Successful completion of all requirements by the State of Ohio Department of Education and the South-Western City School District.

 B.Students graduating early must have filed the required application papers.

 C.All fees and charges for course materials and for the loss or destruction of school property as prescribed by the Board’s fee schedules must be paid.

 D.All disciplinary obligations must be satisfactorily completed.

 E.Participation in graduation rehearsal is required for participation in the graduation ceremonies.

 F.Each student participating in the ceremony must wear the prescribed cap and gown, unless the student has obtained prior written approval from the school principal or the Superintendent to be exempt from this requirement.

 G.Commencement is a voluntary activity. Students electing to participate shall exhibit decorum that will neither by disruptive nor bring undue attention to themselves. Graduation exercises are a school-related activity, so the Student Code of Conduct applies to them. The Student Code of Conduct prohibits, among other things, disruptive behavior, destruction of school property and inappropriate dress, which includes disruption of commencement exercises, and destruction of school property and/or inappropriate dress at commencement. Students who violate the Student Code of Conduct at commencement may be dealt with according to approved student discipline regulations.

Adopted 2/9/98
Revised 8/13/12