South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies

5340.01 - FIRST AID

The following requirements shall be adhered to by all personnel:

 A.A school nurse or other trained person will be responsible for administering basic first aid. Although each nurse will be assigned a school or group of schools for providing regular nursing services, a nurse will be subject to call from any school if needed. An emergency medical service will be called in case of serious illness or injury when parents cannot be reached, or when deemed necessary.

 B.In accordance with law, the parents of all students will be asked to sign and submit an emergency medical authorization which will indicate the procedure they wish to be followed in the event of a medical emergency involving their child. The permits will be kept readily available in the office of each school.

 C.In cases where a student's injury or illness appears serious, the parents will be contacted and the instructions on the student's emergency card followed as the situation allows. When it is impossible to contact the parents, these instructions will be followed: the contact person named on the Emergency Medical Form will be contacted and an emergency medical service may be called. Such injuries will be logged on the School Accident Report form.

 D.No elementary student who is ill or injured will be sent home alone. Middle school and senior high students may be sent home if the illness is minor and the parents or emergency contact person have consented.

 E.Board-approved procedures will be followed to guard against athletic injuries and to provide care and emergency treatment for injured athletes. Coaches and trainers will meet all requirements of the State Board of Education.

 F.These procedures will apply in the event that any student or staff member is injured or becomes suddenly ill at school or while engaged in school-sponsored activities.

These procedures will be followed by all school personnel.

Adopted 10/9/89