South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The South-Western City School District requires health records of students on the following basis:

 A.Kindergarten and first grade students entering school for the first time must have a completed health record before being admitted to school. Such health records must include screening for disorders in hearings vision, speech and communications, for general health or medical problems, and for development disorders. Pursuant to Ohio law such health screenings may be provided directly by the Board, by a contract with another person or governmental agency or the Board may request parents to obtain screenings from providers selected by parents.

 B.Health records are requested of all students transferring into the District schools. If the previous school does not forward a record or if it is incomplete, it will be the parents' responsibility to comply with health requirements for students.

 C.Students must have a physical examination prior to their participation in interscholastic athletic programs.

CROSS REF.: 10-0803.02, Inoculations of Students

R.C. 3313.50, 3313.671, 3313.673, 3313.68, 3313.73

Adopted 10/8/90