South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The philosophy of the South-Western City School District, adopted in 1961, states the District purpose as being "designed to carry on a sequential developmental program in education" for students in the schools. In order to obtain full benefit of that program, students must be in regular attendance and any absence can impede their progress. State law mandates full attendance of students for the number of days school is in session and places responsibility for that attendance on their parents or legal guardians.

Since regular school attendance is vital to school achievement and success, parents and students are urged to use prudence and discretion in planning any event which would result in absence from school. Requests for such planned absence should be made only in cases of utmost necessity. The principal has the authority to approve or deny requests for planned absences at the building level.

Reasons for which students in grades kindergarten through twelve (K-12) may be permitted to request planned absence are limited to the following: vacation when the student is accompanying parent(s) or legal guardian(s); visitations for the purpose of considering enrollment;

 C.educational activities sponsored by an organization other than the school; or

 D.circumstances other than those above which, in the judgment of the principal, acting as designee of the Superintendent, constitute a valid reason for permitting absence from school.


In order to obtain approval for an absence planned in advance, the following steps must be followed:

 A.The parent or legal guardian must contact the principal to discuss the planned absence. This contact should be initiated five (5) or more school days prior to the absence.

 B.The student will have each of his/her teachers certify on the form whether or not school work is current up to the time of the requested absence.

 C.The parent or legal guardian must then sign a planned absence form, verifying the accuracy of the request and assuming responsibility for the studentís absence.

 D.Within five (5) days following the absence, the student will present the form again to teachers who will certify that all missed work has been completed. (The principal may, for extenuating circumstances, grant an extension of time beyond the five (5) days for make-up.)

Failure to carry out Steps 1 through 3 will result in non-approval of the planned absence.

Failure to carry out Step 4 upon return from an approved planned absence will result in a grade of zero (0) for work missed and not made up even though the absence had been approved. In the event this should occur, the parent or legal guardian will be notified of the failure to complete the work.


 A.Planned absences will not be approved during weeks of testing, semester or final exam week.

 B.Teachers should be contacted sufficiently in advance of the absence to allow them time to assign make-up activities. However, preparation of such assignments in advance is not always possible.

 C.Pre-assigned make-up activities may not be adequate to keep the absent student current. In that case, different (or additional) work may be necessary when the student returns.

 D.Teacher comments concerning the possible effect of a planned absence for the student may be written on the request form. These comments may be considered by the principal but will not be the sole basis for approving or denying the request. It should be noted that the request form is a matter of record. In any event, comments concerning possible negative effects of absence on the studentís achievement should be considered carefully by the student and parent/guardian requesting a planned absence.

 E.Teachers of courses involving work which cannot be replicated outside the classroom will not be expected to provide make-up work for those activities.

Denial of Planned Absence

In those circumstances or situations in which a request has been denied by the building principal, the parent/guardian may appeal that decision to the Superintendent or his/her designee.

If parent appeals to the District and the appeal is denied and the parent takes the child/children out of school for the planned absence, days missed will be recorded as truancy, and work will not be permitted to be made up.

Adopted 8/9/99