South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


There is no adequate way to make up a class that is missed. When a student has been absent, it is the student's responsibility to contact his/her teacher on the day s/he returns to school and make arrangements to make up his/her assignments and tests. The time limit for make-up work shall be stipulated by the teacher, but may not exceed two (2) weeks (ten (10) school days) after the reentry to school unless an extension is granted in writing by the principal. Where the absence is anticipated in advance, such as an operation, the student should arrange a procedure in advance for making up assignments and tests.

Work missed because of suspension or truancy may be made up in accordance with Policy 5610.05.

A student who is expelled will not receive credit for the subjects s/he was enrolled in at the time of expulsion unless s/he presents a written proposal to the Board of Education which the Board of Education deems satisfactory for the awarding of credit. The proposal should include extenuating circumstances that would suggest awarding of credit to be just and equitable, as well as procedures for attaining the academic requirements of the material missed during the period of expulsion. If the expulsion occurs during the first semester, the student will be eligible to enroll only in semester courses during the second semester unless s/he follows the procedure outlined above. If the expulsion occurs during the second semester, there is the possibility to granting one-half (1/2) of the year-long credit for any successful first semester work in a year-long course.

The Board of Education or its designee will not act upon proposals for credit unless the principal verifies that extenuating circumstances exist. The principal may make a statement to the effect in the recommendation for expulsion.

Adopted 8/14/95