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Intra-district transfers are always granted on a provisional basis. The transfer is only granted for one (1) school year at a time. The transfer agreement must be renewed in writing by the parent/guardian for subsequent school years. If the student is assigned to a special education class during the school year, the transfer is rescinded immediately. The student who is transferred by special permission is expected to be a model student, follow all classroom and school rules, attend school on a regular basis, must not be tardy to school, or become a discipline problem. In most cases, when a special permission transfer has been granted, the parent/guardian must provide transportation to and from school. If the parent/guardian is expecting the child to ride a school bus, permission to ride the school bus must be obtained from the Supervisor of Personnel or Director of Transportation.



Only students who are residents or are officially enrolled in the South-Western City School District may request consideration for the intra-district open enrollment plan.

All students K-8 are eligible for consideration. There is no limitation on the admission of a special student except that students who have Individualized Educational Plans (I.E.P.s) must attend a building in which the services described in the student's I.E.P. are available.


There are no deadlines for applications for grades 1 through 8. Applications will be processed by date and time of the reception of the application.

Applications for kindergarten for the ensuing school year will be received and processed according to the dates and times for each school's kindergarten registration.

Applications may be picked up at each school building or in the Personnel Office located at the District Service Center, 3805 Marlane Drive, Grove City, Ohio 43123.

Applications are initiated at the student's home school as designated by residence. Parents/Guardians then check with the requested school to see if the student request for transfer can be accommodated. The principal of the requested school approves or denies the intra-district transfer request based upon the administrative guidelines and notifies the parent/guardian as to the approval/denial of the request.


Building assignment preference is given to students by date and time of application.

The primary determinant for acceptance of an intra-district transfer request shall be currently negotiated capacity limits as established for class; and grade level, school building, and educational program capacities as determined by building use and local, State and Federal program guidelines.

Precautions will be taken to ensure that appropriate racial balance is maintained among buildings within the District.

There is no requirement that a student be proficient in the English language.

There can be no rejection of an applicant who has been subject to disciplinary proceedings, except that admission may be denied to any applicant who has been suspended or expelled for ten (10) consecutive days or more in the term for which admission is sought or the immediately preceding term.

The building principal of the requested school shall determine whether or not the transfer request is granted. A parent/guardian may appeal a principal's decision to the Superintendent or his/her designee.


Transportation is not required to be provided to a non-handicapped student enrolled in a school other than his/her home school unless the student can be picked up and dropped off at a regular bus stop for the attendance area in which the student is seeking to attend school. The District will not reroute any bus or create additional bus stops.


Intra-district transfer eligibility shall be determined by Ohio High School Athletic Association and South-Western City School District.

The use of influence by any person connected or not connected with a school to secure or to retain a prospective student for participation in interscholastic athletics is not permitted and shall cause the student to be ineligible upon transfer.

Prior to enrollment a prospective student-athlete may visit a school within the District provided the arrangements for the visit are cleared through the principal of the school to be visited.

No employee of the school system shall initiate any communication with a prospective student-athlete, parents of a student-athlete, guardian or family member, in person or through a third party prior to enrollment.

A prospective student-athlete shall not be offered or accept any inducement, such as complimentary tickets, uniforms and/or supplies, other than that which is provided to all students.

Penalties for violation of this regulation by an employee of the District shall include termination of supplemental contract or such other penalties as may be deemed appropriate.

Penalties for violation of this regulation by a student may include forfeiture of games, denial of participation, or such other penalties as may be deemed appropriate.


Intra-district transfers must be renewed each year. The Personnel Office will send out renewal forms to the parent/guardian which must be completed and returned.


The student will be returned to the home school as designated by residence if the parents/guardians do not renew the intra-district transfer by completing and returning the renewal form.


Parents will be notified each spring of their right to participate in the intra-district open enrollment program by the District newsletter which is mailed to all homes. Informational meetings will be held at each building by the principal to discuss the transfer process. These meetings may be a part of a regularly scheduled meeting.

Changing School Levels

When students are changing school levels (elementary to intermediate; intermediate to middle; middle to high), the parent/guardian must complete the following steps:

 A.initiate the intra-district transfer request form at the current school; (The current school has the I.D./student information necessary to complete Section A of the transfer form.)

 B.the parent/guardian then takes the transfer request form to the home school as designated by residence and District attendance boundaries;

 C.the child completes enrollment/scheduling at the home school if the transfer request cannot be acted upon immediately by the requested school principal;
  This is to ensure a classroom spot and schedule for the child in the home school if the request is ultimately denied.

 D.the home school principal completes their section of the transfer request form and the parent/guardian then takes the form to the requested school to determine if the request will be approved or denied;

 E.there may be a delay until late summer in granting some requests due to scheduling of students who reside in the school attendance area;

 F.the principal of the requested school will notify the parent/guardian of the approval or denial of their transfer request as soon as possible so that final arrangements can be made by the parent/guardian prior to the start of the school year.


Intra-district transfers may be rescinded for reasons of excessive tardies and/or absences and for reasons of unacceptable and/or inappropriate behavior as outlined in the District Code of Conduct. Rescissions will be completed at the end of each semester at the high schools and upon occurrence at the middle, intermediate and elementary schools.

Parent/Guardian Return Request

Students who have transferred to a school other than their home school as designated by residence and wish to return to their home school either during the school year or at the end of the school year may request a return to their home school in writing. An approved return is based upon capacity limits in either the class, grade level, school building or educational program.

Cross Ref.: 5113, Admission of Inter-District Transfer Students

5113.01, Intra-District School Enrollment Policy

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Adopted 3/8/93
Revised 11/12/01
Revised 8/04
Revised 2/12/07