South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


Students in the South-Western City School District in grades K-8 may be permitted to attend their school of choice within the District based upon certain criteria established by the school administration. The specific criteria shall be consistent with R.C. 3313.64 and/or R.C. 3313.65 and shall include:

 A.Application procedures including deadlines for application and for notification of students and principals of alternative schools whenever a student's application is accepted. Only students wishing to attend another school need apply.

 B.Procedures for admitting applicants to other schools include but are not limited to:

  1.establishing District capacity limits by grade level, school building and educational program;

  2.requiring that students presently enrolled in a school building not be displaced by an intra-district transfer student, or students moving into the attendance area of the school building established by the Superintendent or Board be considered by date and time of enrollment;

  3.ensuring that an appropriate racial balance is maintained in the District schools.

Cross Ref.: 5113, Admission of Inter-District Transfer Students

5113.02, Intra-District Open Enrollment Policy - Overview

5113.03, School Choice Options Provided by the No Child Left Behind


R.C. 3313.97(C)

Adopted 3/8/93
Revised 8/04
Revised 2/12/07