South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The South-Western City School Districtís Board of Education shall provide tuition-free education for the benefit of children between the ages of five (5) and twenty-two (22) whose parents reside in the District and such others as may be eligible pursuant to Federal and/or State law and the policies of the Board including handicapped preschool children who are at least three (3) years of age but not of compulsory school age and who are not currently enrolled in kindergarten.

A student is considered a resident of the District if s/he resides with a parent or parents or a person or governmental agency with legal custody whose place of residence is within the boundaries of the School District.

New entrants at all grade levels will be required to present at the time of enrollment:

 A.original birth certificate or other attested evidence of birth;
  (Effective October 5, 1987, R.C. 3313.672 has been changed to allow students at the time of initial entry to a public or non-public school to substitute any of the following in lieu of the birth certificate now prescribed by law: 1) a passport or attested passport transcript showing the date and place of birth of the child; 2) an attested transcript of a birth certificate; 3) an attested transcript of a baptism certificate or other religious record showing the date and place of birth of the child; 4) an attested transcript of a hospital record showing date and place of birth, or 5) a birth affidavit.)

 B.proof of having received or being in the process of receiving required immunizations;

 C.proof of residency; and

 D.proof of custody or guardianship, if there has been a divorce, dissolutionment or court ordered change of custody.

CROSS REFS.: 9-0702.10-R, School Admission - Enrolling Students Without

Traditional Records

Home Education Students

Foreign Students Without School Records

Lost/Mission Student Records

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42 U.S.C. 11431 et seq.

Adopted 10/8/90
Revised 5/10/04
Revised 3/14/11