South-Western City School District
Bylaws & Policies


Requests for Tuition

All requests for enrollment of a student on a tuition basis must be submitted to the Director of Personnel or his/her designee. The request for enrollment on a tuition basis must be in writing and submitted by the custodial parent. The request letter must include the following information:

 A.Name of custodial parent, home address, phone number where s/he can be reached during the day.

 B.Name of child, grade level, school requested in the South-Western City School District, name of school where child attended school during the prior year (or is enrolled at the time of application) and the reason for the request.

 C.If student participates in sports, the name of the sport(s) must be listed.

 D.If there is a baby-sitter or supervisor before/after school, the name, address, and telephone number of that person must be listed.

Guidelines for Tuition

Enrollment in the South-Western City School District on a tuition basis is not encouraged. Entry of a student on a tuition basis will be considered if the following conditions exist:

 A.Employee’s child: Employees may enroll their children in the South-Western City School District on a tuition basis. The employee must be the legal custodian of the child if there has been a divorce or dissolution.

 B.The student’s parent has moved out of the district after the start of classes in the student’s senior year of high school. Such students may continue in attendance tuition-free for the remainder of the school year and for one (1) additional semester or equivalent term.

 C.A student whose parent is building or buying a home in the South-Western City School District may attend school tuition-free for a period of ninety (90) days (H.B. 743, Eff. 9/9/88). If the home is not occupied within this ninety (90)-day period, the student(s) will be required to pay a full month’s tuition for each portion of a month that exceeds the ninety (90)-day grace period.

 D.Foreign students: Under certain conditions, foreign students may be entered on a tuition basis. Each request will be considered on its merits. Foreign students are required to present all documentation issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Department.

 E.Students who have had their family move out of the district prior to the end of the school year may complete the year on a tuition basis, if the move occurs on or after April 1st. The total payment for completion of the year shall be made upon application for approval.

 F.Other students who have been approved for entry by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee because of unique and/or unusual circumstances. This approval will required the recommendation of the building principal and/or other professionals as indicated by each individual case, i.e., psychologist, physician, caseworker.

Other Information

 A.Before entry of a tuition student, a completed and signed contract must be submitted by the custodial parent to the Director of Personnel or his/her designee, along with tuition for one (1) month.

 B.Entry on a tuition basis will not be granted for a student whose high school class has graduated. These students should seek entry in an adult education program available in the Columbus Public Schools or the GED program available in the school district.

 C.On May 19, 1986, South-Western City Schools, in an agreement with other school districts, including the Columbus City School District, agreed that any future annexations of land from South-Western City Schools to Columbus City Schools would also affect the school attendance areas. After May 19, 1986, all lands annexed from South-Western to the City of Columbus will also change the school attendance to Columbus City Schools. Tuition will not be granted for a student who lives at an address affected by the above-described annexation.

 D.Transportation will not be provided by the South-Western City School District for students who are entered on a tuition basis and live outside the attendance boundaries.

 E.High school tuition students who are athletes must meet the requirements of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, the Ohio Capital Conference, and South-Western City Schools, before they may participate in sports.

 F.Tuition students may not be enrolled in any of the special education programs provided by the South-Western City School District.

 G.If the student withdraws from the South-Western City School District and tuition is owed at the time of withdrawal, school records will not be forwarded to a subsequent school until that obligation has been met.

 H.If the tuition student is a high school senior and tuition is owed at the time of graduation, the diploma will not be issued until the obligation is paid.

 I.If tuition is in arrears for more than one (1) month, the individual who signed the tuition contract will be given notice that payment must be made within the month or the tuition student will be withdrawn from school.

 J.If the conditions under which the tuition was approved are changed in any way (the parent/guardian moves from the home listed in school records, the parent/guardian moves into the school district, custody is transferred to another person), it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the Personnel Department of the change. In instances where the parent states s/he has moved into the school district, the parent must provide proof of residency in the school district to the Director of Personnel or his/her designee.

 K.The school district reserves the right to rescind the tuition contract if the student becomes a discipline problem or the school principal recommends this action in writing to the Director of Personnel or his/her designee.

Adopted 10/8/90
Revised 2/10/97
Revised 5/10/04
Revised 3/14/11