South-Western City School District
Table of Contents

8330f9Annual Notification to Parents Regarding Student Records and Specific Events/Activities
8330f14Agreement Regarding Release of Education Records to Organizations Conducting Studies for or no Behalf of the District
8330f16Agreement Regarding Release of Education Records to Entities Conducting Audits or Evaluations of Federal or State-Supported Education Programs or to Enforce or Comply with Federal Legal Requirements
8451f2Sample Notification Letter to Parent/Guardian
8453.01f1Blood-Borne Pathogen Training, Waiver/Request Form
8453.01f2Training Record
8453.01f3Exposure Report (Staff)
8453.01f6Request to Parent for Blood Test
8453.01f7Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure Incident Investigation
8453.01f8Information to the Healthcare Professional Providing Evaluation for Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure Incident
8453.01f9Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure Initial Medical Evaluation
8453.01f10Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure Medical Follow-up
8453.01f11Hepatitis B Vaccination
8660f1Request for Transportation by Private Vehicle
8660f2Parental Consent for Transportation by Private Vehicle