South-Western City School District
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

8220School Day
8310aPublic Records
8310bRedaction of Non-Public Information/Records
8310dTransmission of Records and Other Communications
8310eRecords Retention and Disposal
8320Personnel Records
8320.01Criteria for Personal Information System
8330Student Records
8351Security Breach of Confidential Databases
8360Use of School Mail-Delivery System
8390Use of Service Animals
8400School Safety
8405Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Mold
8420Emergency Procedures
8420aSevere Weather and Tornadoes
8430Telephoning of Bomb Threats
8431Written Hazard Communication Program
8431aPesticide Applications
8442aEmergency Treatment
8451Pediculosis (Head Lice)
8452Use and Maintenance of Automated External Defibrillators
8453.01Control of Blood-Borne Pathogens
8462Child Abuse or Neglect
8470Sex Offender Notification
8500Food and Beverage Sales
8500aNutritional Guidelines
8500dProcedure for the Collection and Payment for Charged Meals
8605Bus Safety Procedures
8610Transportation Route Planning Criteria
8615Anti-Idling and Smart Driving Procedures
8620Bus Driver Procedures
8651Nonroutine Use of School Buses
8660Transporting - Students Incidentally by Private Vehicle
8800aReligious Activities/Ceremonies
8800bReligious Expression in the District
8800cThe Flag and Patriotic Ceremonies