South-Western City School District
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

7230Public Gifts to the District
7310Disposal of Nonfixed-Asset Property
7420Hygienic Management
7420eIntegrated Pest Management
7420fHand Washing Protocol
7420gDangerous or Recalled Products
7420hRadon Testing
7420iSafe Drinking Water
7430Risk Reduction Program
7440Facility Security
7450Inventory Procedure
7510aUse of District Premises
7510bCharges and Priorities for Use of School Premises
7510cSupervision of Rented School Premises
7530aPersonal Use of District Equipment/Facilities
7530cClassroom Telephones
7530.01Staff Use of Board-Owned Cellular Telephones
7540.05Proper Use of E-mail Account