South Harrison Community School Corporation
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The School Board recognizes that its responsibility for the safety of students extends to possible natural and man-made disasters and such emergencies are best met by preparedness and planning.

The Superintendent shall ensure that a written emergency preparedness plan is developed for the School Corporation and each school in the Corporation in consultation with local public safety agencies. The plan shall contain the following:



appropriate warning systems



procedures for notifying other agencies and organizations



posting of evacuation routes



emergency preparedness instruction for staff and students



public information procedures



steps that will be taken prior to a decision to evacuate buildings or dismiss classes, and



provisions to protect the safety and well-being of staff, students and the public in case of:






natural disaster, such as tornado, flood or earthquake;



adverse weather conditions, such as winter storms or extreme heat;



nuclear contamination, such as power plan or transport vehicle spills;



exposure to chemicals, such as pesticides, industrial spills and contaminants, laboratory chemicals and cleaning agents; and



man-made occurrences, such as student disturbance, weapon, weapon of mass destruction, contamination of water or air supply, hostage, and kidnapping incidents

Within sixty (60) days after the beginning of each school year, the Superintendent shall certify to the Indiana Department of Education that the emergency preparedness plans for the Corporation and each school have been reviewed and revised, if necessary. Within sixty (60) days of opening a new or significantly remodeled school, the Superintendent shall certify to the Indiana Department of Education that a new plan has been developed or that the existing plan has been reviewed and revised, if necessary.

In order to prepare students and staff for emergency situations, the Board requires the principal of each school in the Corporation to conduct emergency preparedness drills during the school year in compliance with the rules adopted by the State Board of Education, the State Fire Marshal and the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission, as applicable. Each school and attendance center will conduct at least one (1) tornado and one (1) man-made occurrence disaster drill per semester. These drills may be conducted instead of the monthly fire evacuation drill required by the State Fire Marshal; provided, however, that tornado and man-made occurrence drills conducted in place of a monthly fire drill may not be conducted in two (2) consecutive months and may not be conducted more than twice in a semester.

The Board requires the principal of each school to also conduct lock-down, earthquake and other drills considered necessary in order to adequately prepare students and staff for emergency situations.

Each principal shall file a certified statement that all required drills have been conducted.

All threats to the safety of Corporation facilities shall be identified by appropriate personnel and responded to promptly in accordance with the plan for emergency preparedness.

The Superintendent shall develop procedures for the handling of emergencies which include a plan for the prompt and safe evacuation of the schools.

I.C. 20-34-3-20
511 IAC 6.1-2-2.5
675 IAC 22

Revised 2/2/16

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