Southeastern Career Center
Bylaws & Policies
Table of Contents

6105Authorization to Use Facsimile Signature
6110Grant Funds
6144Investment Income
6145Short-Term Indebtedness
6151Bad Checks
6152Student Fees and Charges
6210Fiscal Planning
6220Budget Preparation
6231Budget Implementation
6320.01Purchasing Using Online Reverse Auctions
6423Use of Credit Cards
6440Cooperative Purchasing
6450Local Purchasing
6460Conflicts of Interest and Vendor Relations
6470Payment of Claims
6510Payroll Authorization
6520Payroll Deductions
6550Travel Payment and Reimbursement
6610Extra-Curricular Funds
6620Petty Cash
6621Cash Change Fund
6655School Technology Fund
6700Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA")
6800System of Accounting